The Munga MTB

The Munga 2017 Basic Race Information

The purpose of this document is to provide a potential Munga entrant some basic information on the race format.

  1. Race Distance: 1080km
    This distance will vary slightly from year to year and also depending on what device you use, but you can count on it being more than 1000km and less than 1100km!

  2. Total ascent:

  3. Race Cutoff:
    5 days (120 hours).
    Riders will have five days to complete the Munga from when the race starts.

  4. Race Dates:
    The 2017 race is from the 29th November to the 4th December.
    Note, the Munga will always happen in this first week of December when it is nice and hot!

  5. Race start and finish location: The race starts in Bloemfontein at the Sun International Windmill hotel and Casino, and it finishes at Diemersfontein Wine farm in Wellington.

  6. Start time:
    The race starts at 12pm midday sharp!

  7. Race format: Single Stage semi-supported
    There is only one stage in the Munga. In other words, the clock starts at the race start, and finishes 120 hours later. It does not stop at the end of each day or at the end of each section, it runs non-stop. Riders are not allowed any outside support, nor can they send boxes or bags with supplies down route. For a more thorough explanation please see the rules document. But for now, know that what you carry with you at the start is all you have for the duration of the race! 

  8. Race Villages:
    Race Villages in the Munga are located in towns on route. There are a total of five Race Villages (RV) during the Munga spaced as follows:

    • RV 1 – Vanderkloof Dam: 219km from the start
    • RV 2 – Britstown: 176km from RV1
    • RV3 – Loxton: 190km from RV2
    • RV4 - Sutherland: 216km from RV3
    • RV5 – Ceres: 219km from RV4
    • Finish: 70km from RV5

    All Race Villages will have the following facilities:

    • Hot showers
    • Warm beds or tents with blankets and mattresses
    • Hot meals and drinks
    • Charging facilities
    • Wash facilities
  9. Waterpoints:
    There are 10 waterpoints during the Munga, spaced roughly evenly apart with two between each race village. At each waterpoint, riders can expect the following:

    • savory snacks (sandwhiches, vetkoeks, boiled potatoes etc)
    • sweet snacks (muffins, sandwhiches etc)
    • Biogen nutritional product (powders, gels and bars)
    • Water
    • Coffee!
  10. Conditions:
    The Munga is not a technical route. The majority of the route is on remote dirt roads and dual tracks on farms. There is very little single track. The ascent is also relatively low compared to other long races, but don’t be fooled. The roads are bumpy and the race takes place near the middle of summer. Expect 45 degrees C or more!

  11. Rider format:
    Only single riders can enter the race. Up to Race Village 1, drafting and riding in groups is allowed. Thereafter it is not. Please see the rules for specifics on this. If you choose to team up for the race beyond RV1, you are no longer eligible for the prize money, but are still able to complete the race officially and obtain a medal. In other words, we know that most of you are not after the money, but rather the social experience of the ride!

  12. Entry Fee:
    For 2017, the following fees apply:

    • Early bird fee (valid until the end of February): R15 000
    • Normal entry fee: R18 000