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The Munga announces some of the BIG names that have entered

The Munga have announced a number of big names that have entered the ultra-endurance, richest mountain bike race on earth - contenders that come from a variety of mountain biking disciplines but that are sure to create some serious talk within the mountain biking industry.

“Since we opened entries, the biggest question I have been asked to date is: ‘Who are some of the big names that have entered?’ Well today, we are releasing some of these names as we believe that there is no better way to get people excited than giving them some insight into the vast range of riders that believe they have what it takes to WIN The Munga!” says Alex Harris, Race Director for The Munga.

Below is a sneak peek into some of the riders that have entered – along with their team mates - in no particular order. And for those who don’t know them, you can check out a bit of what they are about here too.

  • Bart Brentjens is a 2-time Olympic medallist (gold and bronze), an UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Champion, a Dutch National Champion title holder, a Cape Epic winner and runner up, as well as a Cape Epic Masters winner 2 years in a row. He will be teaming up with Jeroen Boelen who is a 2 x Olympias stage winner from the Netherlands and is known to be a strong sprinter.
  • Corry Wallace is a 29 year old Canadian marathon rider who has placed 1st in the Mongolia Bike challenge twice, has competed in the Trans Rockies time and again, having won the race in 2009 and stage 3 in 2013 and most recently placed 1st in the Canadian National Marathon Championships. His team mate for The Munga will be Jason English who is a 5-time consecutive Australian National Championships winner and has competed in a number of races in both Australia and Canada.
  • Jay Petervary is an American ultra-endurance cyclist with a reputation for taking on some of the longest domestic cycling challenges in existence, regardless of season. A 6-time Iditarod Race competitor and 4-time Tour Divide finisher, Jay has the mental attitude, patience, passion and confidence to push further. His team mate will be Kurt Refsnider, a geology professor by day and mountain biker by night, who holds the records on both the Arizona Trail 750 and 300.
  • Team Bulls in the form of Karl Platt and Thomas Dietsch. Karl Platt is a German rider whobought his first mountain bike in 1991 - and that is where it all started. Platt became German Junior Champion in downhill, National Champion Cross Country and German Enduro Champion. Platt has also won the Cape Epic four times - in 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2010. Not only has he conquered the Cape Epic, but he has also won the TransAlp Race seven times. His team mate for The Munga will be Thomas Dietsch, a 4-time Vainqueur Forestiere, as well as Champion de France Marathon winner, is a French born cyclist who currently rides for Team Bulls and is also active in other athletic disciplines including: cross country skiing, running and trail.

Given the off-beat nature, as well as the race format, which has been designed to level the playing field for all riders regardless of their cycling discipline - it is impossible to predict a winner before the finish line is crossed. For this reason The Munga is definitely one of those races that begs the question – could it be me?

“Having riders of this calibre and with the diversity of our entrants, it is certainly exciting as not only does it stand testament to The Munga’s credibility as a world class race to ride in, but will definitely create a dynamic riding environment – combining world champions with ultra-endurance, hard riding enthusiasts. This is anyone’s race!”

“As we head rapidly towards the race in December, the anticipation is mounting to find out who the well-deserved winner is that we will hand $750 000 over to,” concludes Harris.